Brand Story


For as long as I can recall, I have never been able to actually be fit without contracting pain, in my muscles or tendons. From playing every sport you can think of, I knew that tight muscles were a cyclical misfortune. You could never improve your athletic performance, or maintain a healthy body. When the idea of a portable vibration fitness device was brought to me, I was quick to leap after it. I wanted to design a product that was not only convenient, but rather something that would actually change a person's life. In order for us to develop this product, we converged with many fitness specialists, to ensure a flawless amount of vibration technology. We decided that Achedaway, would be the best suited title for our product. Regardless of your fitness level or age, I ensure you that Achedaway will have a positive effect on your bodies daily performance.
The Achedaway massager is the most affordable and beneficial product on the market, that will truly make a difference in your life to date.

Tim Tian, Founder

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