Massage Therapy Set Up Bundle

Tools can be very beneficial when you are working with larger more dense muscles. Achedaway tools help loosen tight areas, break down fascial restrictions, increase blood flow alleviate pain and more !
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Testimonials from professional therapists

Achedaway Pro massage gun is powerful, relatively quiet, and feels like it is built with solid materials. Also, the battery length seems to be pretty good, lasting quite a while.

Fernando Melileo

The new amazing heated scraping tool from @achedaway. It heats up in a seconds and very easy to use. Client's like very much. Must buy for massage therapists.

Moha Huriz

Achedaway Cupper is a cupping Game changer. Very easy to use, helps to relax tight muscles and relieves tension. Should be a tool in every therapist's tool kit!

Patrick Norris

I liked the Achedaway heated scraper because of the heating feature ... patients feel more comfort with this as compared to the regular IASTM tools.

PT Trad

Best investment for massage businesses

Achedaway products are great tools for massage therapists and practitioners to provide a pleasant experience for their clients.

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Heated Scraping Therapy

Warm up Tissue Faster , Feel More Comfortable

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Get Some Cuppers to add to the practice.

Smart Cupping Therapy

cupping smarter , recover faster !

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