Which is the Best Massage Gun?

Massage therapy has been in existence for thousands of years now and can be traced back to ancient cultures that benefited from it. It has since evolved into being a necessity in the world today for everyone looking to improve their muscle therapy and recovery process. 

Massage may not be new but there are new inventions to help ensure that everyone benefits from it as much as necessary and also in the most relaxing and easiest way. One of these inventions is the machine gun, like the Achedaway Muscle Massager, known to offer similar results as a deep tissue massage. Consider this an easier way to get your massage done in the comfort of your home.

In addition to muscle recovery, there are also many other benefits of using a massage gun. A study from NCBI shows how it alleviates and prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) through sarcoma disruption. It also further shows that it improves muscular strength, power development, and kinesthetic awareness. It also reduces the tension on the muscle-tendon and improves muscle flexibility and blood circulation.

Massage guns do the same thing as traditional massage therapy and do it even faster and deeper. For example, Achedaway boasts to be quieter and more powerful while improving muscle performance, and the reviews do not show any less. This shows that using a massage gun is as effective as going to get a massage.

Which is the Best Massage Gun?

What Makes a Quality Massage Gun?

While massage guns have proven to benefit the body in many ways, not all massage guns are the best for you. There are low-quality massagers out there trying to mimic the top quality ones. While massage therapy is mostly safe, things can also go wrong, and the possibility of this is increased by using a low-quality massage gun.

Below are some of the things to look out for when choosing a massage gun:

1. Long Battery Life

The battery life of a massage gun does matter. If you must opt for a massage gun rather than visiting a massage home, then it must be worth it. One major idea behind owning one is being able to get a quality massage in the comfort of your home or wherever you want it. A massage gun with a low battery life will not give you the best result; neither will it give the comfort it promises. You would need a massage gun with a long-lasting battery for your massage session.

Achedaway uses a 2600 mAh battery which delivers over 3 hours of use per charge, to last you more than a massage session. 

Massage gun battery life

2. Speed and Power

The speed and power of a massage gun determine the intensity of the massage and the result you get from it. Achedaway has 5 adjustable speed levels, in this order:

Level 1: 1500 rpm

Level 2: 1900 rpm

Level 3: 2400 rpm

Level 4: 2850 rpm

Level 5: 3250 rpm

A massage gun with a higher wattage and torque can make all the difference in the result.

massage gun speed

3. Customization

We all have different body types and need for a massage. While one person might need a higher intensity of the massage, another might not. Not everyone goes to the gym or is an athlete that would always require deep level massage therapy. A quality massage gun should be able to conveniently meet the need of every massage level as required. This should include different speed settings, as seen in Achedaway’s level 1 to 5 range of revolutions per minute. The ability to customize rotational angles and attachment heads is also important, in order to target more areas of your body to meet the demands of specific muscles as needed. 

4. Attachments and Accessories

Attachments and accessories also matter, to help ensure you are investing right. In one Achedaway kit, you get the following:

  • Zippered carrying case
  • Achedaway massage gun
  • 6 battery cells: Built-in, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery (2600mAh capacity)
  • Charging cord
  • 5 attachment heads (Round, Fork, Bullet, Flat and Cushion)

Usually, most massage guns have 4 attachment heads but with Achedaway, you get 5, with the cushion head being a top-up. It is used together with the flat head attachment and does not slip off. 

massage gun carrying case

5. Noise Level

The noise level is also important. You want to be able to hear your voice while having a massage since it promises comfort. If noise bothers you, you may want to go for a massage gun that is designed to be quiet and will help keep you comfortable. Many reviews of the Achedaway massage gun have proven it to be quieter than many other known brands, which is what most people want. Your choice of a massage gun could determine how much noise you would have to endure. 


quiet massage gun

6. Simplicity of Usage

A tool designed for personal use should not be complicated. The Achedaway massage guns are made in such a way that even a beginner can conveniently set it up and use it. When it becomes too complicated to set up or use, it loses its ability to provide comfort and easy usage whenever and wherever. 

7. Faster Recovery Time

The recovery time should not be taken lightly, as the major purpose of owning a massage gun is to let your muscles heal in the most relaxing way within a shorter period. If the massage gun is not providing this, then it is not being effective. 

Why Achedaway is Your Go-to Choice

If you are looking for a massage gun that beats the maximum quality, value, speed, power, portability, battery life, and customer satisfaction, then Achedaway is for you. 

Choosing the perfect massage gun is often a challenge for many and no one would love to invest in a tool that is not worth it. While massage guns are generally known to be pricey, Achedaway is on the lower end of the price spectrum, which makes it a great choice, considering its many quality features. 

Some key features you get from purchasing Achedaway includes: 

  • It provides deep tissue massage by delivering lots of power
  • It comes with 6 battery cells
  • It has at least 3 hours of battery life
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • It operates quietly
  • It has 5 attachment heads to give you more options to customize your massage
  • It can change between 5 different intensity levels
  • It has a lightweight design
  • It provides great value at a lower price
  • It includes a 2-year warranty and has 30 days money-back guarantee

achedaway carrying case

Should You Try it?

Many studies have been able to show how massage improves anxiety, stress, and depression. Apart from the muscle recovery you get, it also improves your mental state and helps you feel refreshed. There are also other benefits like increased blood and lymphatic flow, the release of lactic acid to reduce muscle soreness, improved muscle spasms and stiffness, and enhanced range of motion

The Bottom Line 

There are so many self-massage tools available for different prices but what distinguishes a percussion massage gun is the deep tissue massage it provides. You can get a quality massage on any part of your body, rather than focusing on one region. This gives you full control of your massage. 

Getting a massage gun is also a form of investment, as it saves you not just time but also your money. If you calculate how much you spend for each traditional massage in a year, you would realize that you just might be saving a whole lot by owning a massage gun.

While it might be tricky to opt for popular brand names when choosing a massage gun, it is important to look out for the specific things that make a massage gun of top quality. This will help ensure your investment provides as much value as necessary. 

Is the Achedaway Percussion and Vibration Massager your perfect choice? Absolutely! 

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