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The journey to physical fitness requires regular workout but most people fail to realize the importance of a post-exercise recovery routine and its impact on their fitness goals. The muscle needs some time to recover after working out to help you get in the best possible shape and also prevent injuries. It is also recommended to have about 24 to 72 hours of recovery after a heavyweight training session, to help repair and rebuild the muscles, in order to prevent tissue breakdown. Working out the muscles before they heal could worsen the soreness and cause further damages.

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There are several ways to help your muscles recover quickly, ranging from natural methods like Rest, Nutrition and Sleep and also implementing quality massage tools like the Achedaway Percussion and Vibration Massager

Recommended Methods by Experts for Muscle Recovery

To experience maximal muscle recovery and get the most out of your workout, these methods are recommended by experts:

1. Rest

An NCBI research on Resting Energy Expenditure and Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness after full-body resistance training found an increased resting energy expenditure in subjects, 24, 48 and 72 hours after resistance training. Another study also found that subjects had maximum strength levels 72 to 96 hours after the high-intensity workout training. These studies prove that you need between 24 and 72 hours of rest before kicking off with another session, to allow a complete muscle recovery process. Failure to rest your muscles consistently post-workout as necessary could cause damage which might be severe.

2. Nutrition

After exercise, the body needs adequate nutrition for maximum muscle recovery. This does not only revolve around workout sessions but should be built into your lifestyle to ensure your body is getting the necessary nutrients to help it thrive. The NCSA recommends 0.8g/kg as the daily intake of protein for adults in both men and women. This figure could be adjusted based on your workout demands. A combination of protein and carbohydrates has been shown to help restore and regain muscle strength. 

3. Sleep 

The quantity and quality of your sleep also play a role in optimal muscle recovery and deep sleep is recommended. Deep sleep is simply when the body has successfully shut down other operations and is able to focus only on growth and repair. During this period, the endocrine system releases androgens and growth hormones, which help build and repair the muscles. Deep sleep occurs near the end of your sleep cycle, which occurs approximately every 90 minutes.


Do Experts Recommend Massage Guns?

After perfectly having a good rest, great nutrition and quality sleep, do you still need other tools to help your muscles recover? Yes, you do! These three methods only help with mild muscle pain and to get your muscles ready for the next workout session. 

However, for athletes and those who do high-resistance training, these are not enough, as the body requires a lot more. This is why tools like massage guns are recommended for an optimal muscle recovery process.

Massage guns have been existence in recent years, with a wide range of users, from beginners to workout enthusiasts, athletes, and chiropractors. Experts recommend top-notch massage guns to help in muscle recovery due to the many benefits that you can get from using one, such as increased blood flow, decreased lactic acid and reduced muscle pain by interrupting the pain cycle in the brain.

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A study comparing the effects of vibration therapy and massage in the prevention of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) showed that vibration therapy and massage equally help prevent DOMS. While massage helps restore concentric strength, vibration therapy helps reduce pain and the level of LDH within 48 hours post-exercise.

The same study also shows how exercise-related muscle soreness was decreased in subjects who had vibration and massage therapy. This is due to the stimulation of muscle spindles and the prevention of damage to the excitation-contraction coupling, thereby reducing the pain perception after a workout.

The study concluded by stating clearly how vibration and massage therapy are equally effective in the prevention of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

How Percussion Therapy Boosts Muscle Recovery

There are several methods to aid muscle recovery but percussion therapy has been shown to benefit the muscles even more.

This form of therapy involves a handheld device, like the Achedaway Sports Massager, designed to apply pressure on certain areas of the body. It works by softening muscle tissues to reduce stiffness and also simultaneously alleviate pain.

Compared to the traditional massage, percussion therapy gradually shocks the muscle fiber until it reaches its target. The traditional massage, however, could be limiting as human hands cannot reach certain areas of the muscle soreness without causing discomfort and pain.

Percussion therapy is for anyone who is physically active and gets muscle sores often. This is often common among athletes but can also be frequent in people who sit for long hours, especially in a poor posture.

The traditional massage might have proven to be helpful over the decades but apart from the limited functionality that the hands can provide, most acclaimed massage therapists do not have any quality training in orthopedics and rehabilitation. As a result, they end up doing a poor massage therapy that offers only a little value.

Achedaway is the Best Tool to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

There are many tools available to help speed up muscle recovery. However, there are factors to be considered before choosing a massage gun. Achedaway is one of the best tools to help you meet your muscle demands and aid in a quick muscle recovery process. 

Compared to other massage guns, it stands out with its unique features like the 3-hour long-lasting battery life with 6 additional cell batteries and the 5 attachment heads provided. It also allows for customization as it provides 5 levels of speed, depending on your workout level and the demands of your body. Achedaway has also proven to be quieter than other popular brands, despite its high-level speed. 

achedaway massage gunThe muscle recovery process is beyond just the massage but also about the comfort and satisfaction you get from using a quality and efficient tool.

If you are looking for a tool that allows for customization, works effectively to target all muscle groups, and gives you a quality result faster, Achedaway is just perfect!

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