Physical therapies are popular in dealing with pains caused by excessive strain and exercise-related injuries. There are many types of physical therapies, within which the most commonly used one is massage, followed by cupping, gua sha, and acupuncture. 

physical therapy

Massage is quite familiar to most of people, which stimulates local areas mainly through pressing, pushing and pinching. Professional massage therapists are the ideal choice for people who suffer from excessive fatigue to reduce the uncomfortable feeling. Having a deep tissue massage or Thai massage after a long day of work is a supper pleasurable relaxation. 


Gua Sha originated in ancient China, which uses horns or metal plates as tools to perform the therapy. When doing Gua Sha, therapists dip oil or alcohol on the tool as moisture and then slide on the skin repeatedly until the bruises appear. During the process, the local immunity system is activated and the toxins are broken down and removed, to achieve the therapeutic effect. 


Acupuncture is a meditation that pierces a special needle into the tissues from the surface of the skin. The depth and angle of the penetration are important. After the needle is pierced, the physiotherapist uses techniques such as twisting, turning, and lifting to trigger the corresponding points according to the individual’s physique and physical condition. 


However, the above three methods basically can only be done by professional therapists, and your family members can't outperform the therapists. On contrary, cupping is the only physical therapy that can be done on one’s own. This therapy uses negative pressure formed by removing the air in a container to suck the skin and muscle to help people relieve localized pain and achieve relaxation. In terms of the mechanism, when deep tissues under the body surface are being sucked and pulled, they would then congest and stagnate, therefore accelerate blood circulation in local areas, and speed up the process of pain relief. 

On the other hand, there is an increase in the popularity of fitness nowadays, placing fitness or other sports on top of people's agendas. After doing exercises, people may accumulate lactic acid in trained muscles. As an easy self-doing method for post-exercise recovery, cupping boosts local circulation and allows red blood cells to carry more oxygen to such areas, which provides an effective aid in removing acid and toxin, thereby reducing muscle pain faster. 

cupping therapy

Of late, the most commonly used cupping method in Eastern countries is fire cupping. That is, putting a burned alcohol cotton in a cup to remove the air, and then immediately attach the cup to the skin to make it sucked firmly. Without performing any techniques, simply retaining the cup on the skin will achieve the therapeutic effect. This is the so-called stationary cupping, however, cupping therapy is not limited here. 

Cupping can apply different techniques based on therapeutic purposes, though those are hard to be self-doing. One respective technique is flash cupping. After being sucked, flash cupping requires an immediate pulling up action, and then repeating this process several times. In addition, applying what intensity level depends on the individuals’ current physical condition as well as which parts are cupped. A highly experienced therapist generally performs better therapy concerning the intensity, even for a new customer.  

cupping at home

However, Achedaway cupper can easily achieve the above effects even by oneself at home. This cupper is an electronic device combining cupping therapy with advanced technologies. The most significant difference which distinguishes Achedaway cupper from ordinary cupping therapy is its dynamic cupping technology. This function provides users with rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which promotes local blood circulation faster, therefore, accelerates the recovery process. The dynamic cupping is similar to flash cupping to some extent, with a difference of decreasing the suction degree according to the individuals’ condition rather than interrupt the suction process. Compared with cups being sucked and keeping fixed on the skin, the dynamic suction actively stimulates the subcutaneous nerves through the alternation of intensity levels, thus it speeds up the recovery process. 

Furthermore, users can also switch the rhythm of dynamic suction and the overall intensity level on the Achedaway App at any time while having a therapy, based on their immediate feeling. A couple of simple touches on the phone screen frees you from exhausting hand manipulation. This means one can lie down on their bed all the time during the cupping process and enjoy a therapy ideally tailored to themself in a supper effortless way, without any troublesome action and even omitting the communication with a therapist. Achedaway’s other exclusive function called red light therapy is a good aid in inflammation reduction, bringing faster results in healing skin and muscle tissue. The innovative combination enables effective trigger points toward cupped areas and helps muscle release while enhancing blood circulation, toxin movement, and subcutaneous nerve activeness in just a couple of minutes.


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