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How To Effectively Achieve Your Bodybuilding

December 02, 2021

To build a body, first of all, we must understand the mechanism, and then follow the scientific method and plan accordingly to gradually achieve the goal. Primarily, bodybuilding can be subdivided into muscle building. It is essentially to train the muscles of different parts to different degrees and in different ways, and finally realize the overall bodybuilding.


Next, we firstly talk about the mechanism of muscle growth. The constituent unit of muscle is muscle fiber. During a weight training, muscle needs to overcome a large resistance, so some muscle fibers will be slightly torn. This process is necessary, and it is also the first step in muscle building. When you resting after training, the torn muscle fibers can be repairing, and this recovery can be “excess”, exceeding the previous level. The circumference of the muscle fibers will become larger than the original. At this moment, the volume of the muscle visually increase.

It is worth noting that muscle fibers can be classified into two types, Slow twitch fibers and Fast-twitch fibers. The former has small size, less strength, small potential for volume growth and good endurance, while the latter has large size, greater strength, large potential for volume growth, and poor endurance. The core of Bodybuilding is to look stronger, so for novices, first focus on training the white muscle fibers with the potential for volume growth, so that the progress is the fastest and most significant, and it can also increase confidence and avoid halfway.

build muscle


According to the powerful characteristics of fast-twitch fibers, only weight training can effectively destroy it and promote its growth. Therefore, the role of dumbbells, barbells and other equipment in the gym lies in this. By contrary, low-load exercises such as walking, jogging, gymnastics and yoga cannot exercise fast-twitch fibers.

Given the principal of muscle growth, we talk about bodybuilding. The human body has so many muscle groups that we cannot train them all. So, training which muscle groups can realize a bodybuilding?

Here we roughly classify the muscles into two types: major muscle groups, small muscle groups and core muscles.

Major Muscle Groups

Small Muscle Groups

Core Muscles



Transverse Abdominis



Pelvic Floor Muscles

Buttocks and Thighs


Lower Back Muscles


For novices, it’s important to focus on major muscle groups at the beginning. This is because the training of those muscles will also relate to the small muscle groups and core muscles. Therefore, prioritizing the training of major muscle groups is the most efficient way for bodybuilding. In addition, from the perspective of the visual effect, stressing on major group will give you the most obvious change and allow you quickly gain confidence. When the training reaches a certain level, we can then involve in some small muscle groups, and then the shape of the whole body will become more beautiful. However, for people with relatively weak core muscles, exercises for major muscle groups may be restricted by the core strength and therefore difficult for them to complete the actions. If that the case, it is necessary to cooperate with core muscle training at the same time.

weight training


Here’s a list of the common training movements for major groups, small groups, and core muscles:

Major Groups


Mainly Trains

Bench Press

Pectoralis Major

Anterior Deltoid

Triceps Brachii

Forearm Muscles



Mainly Trains



Biceps Femoris

Gluteus Maximus Muscle



Mainly Trains


Biceps Femoris

Gluteus Maximus Muscle

Back Muscles


Small Group


Mainly Trains


Biceps Brachii



Mainly Trains

Calf Raises





Mainly Trains

Lateral Dumbbell Raise

Side Delts


Core Muscles


Mainly Trains



Abdominal Muscles



Mainly Trains


Transversus Abdominis Muscle

Erector Spinae


Bottom Line

It is worth noting that if you want to make a continuous progress, you must increase the weight you lift with your current strength, so that you can continues to destroy the muscle fibers and let them grow to the next level of strength. When your muscles adapt to a certain weight, it would be difficult to obtain effective stimulation, which will result in slower or even stagnant progress. Therefore, it is very important to go to the gym for training. The different weight levels of the dumbbells and barbells ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of your training.

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