Achedaway Pro Percussion and Vibration Massager (Black)

Meet The Next Generation of Achedaway Percussion Massager, This is Achedaway Pro , Deeper, Powerful, and Still Quiet. Feel the difference with Achedaway Pro Percussive Therapy.

- Depth : Built-With 16mm Amplitude, 60% deeper percussive than other(10mm amplitude) massage guns. 

- Force: Achedaway Pro upgrade brushless motor delivers up to 80 lbs.

- Long Battery Life : 3200 mAh Lithium battery, Not just rechargeable , Also it's removable.

- Speed Adjustable: Customize on your need with 5 scientifically-calibrated speeds.

- Pulse(BPM)/Freq(Hz): Level 1 - 1700/28, Level 2 - 2000/33, Level 3 - 2300/38, Level 4 - 2600/43, Level 5 - 2800/47

- Multi-function Massage Attachments: 1. Specialized Soft head for anywhere you would have used an actual thumb.  2. Aluminum flat head for any parts of the body. 3. Bullet head for deeper tissue and trigger point. 4. Fork head for neck and spine.

- Easy Carrying: Equipped with a hand carrying case to make for easy portability.

Strong Body: Aluminum alloy protection, Very sturdy and durable.

- Built-in Protection: Apparatus that will automatically stop the massage when it's running time exceeds 20 minutes.



AC Charger:110-240V 50/60Hz - DC26V-1A

Weight: 2.6 lbs / 1.2 kg (4.1 lbs/ 1.9 kg including charger and carrying case)

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